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The T510 in later years, the engine is not a Super-Renault, the inlet and exhaust manifolds are reversed.

The T510 was the Formula Super Renault successor to the race winning T410. It proved to be very successful in the Challenge de Formule Renault Europe with driver Jean-Louis Bousquet taking four wins to eventual Championship winner Alain Prost's six. Bousquet finished on the podium no less than twelve times in the sixteen races with four fastest laps and he ended the year in second position, just three points behind Prost.

The engine was a Super Renault spec 1.6-litre Renault 12 Gordini R, the full specifications for the design are below.

Year(s) of Construction: 1977

Total Built: 4



30th May Pau Grand Prix Jean-Louis Bousquet Round of the Challenge de Formule Renault Europe

T510 Technical Specification

CHASSIS: Three—quarter monocoque with rear subframe. Manufactured using NS4 alloy sheet bonded and rivetted with sub—frame of high quality steel tube bronze and argon—arc welded. Finished in polished alloy and nickel plate.

BODY: Colour-impregnated glass reinforced plastic by Specialised Mouldings. Full width nose section, cockpit surround, engine cover. With aerodynamic rear wing.

REAR SUSPENSION: Independent by unequal length double wishbones with telescopic double acting absorbers and co—axial springs. Fully adjustable for castor, camber, toe—in and ride height.

REAR SUSPENSION: Independent with lower wishbone, upper link and radius rods, telescopic double acting shock absorbers and co—axial springs. Fully adjustable for castor, camber, toe—in and ride height.

HUB CARRIERS: Lola magnesium alloy castings.

HUB SPINDLES: ‘Live’ spindles with hub bearings mounted in hub carriers, in high quality nickel chrome molybdenum steel. Rear Spindles internally splined to accept drive stubs.

STEERING: Lola rack and pinion with full steering column adjustment and leather covered steering wheel. Adjustment to minimize bump steer.

TRANSMISSION: 5—speed Renault to Formula regulations.

DRIVE SHAFTS: Small diameter high grade alloy steel shafts driving through precision constant velocity joints.

BRAKES: Disc brakes. Outboard mounted (solid).

FUEL CELLS: Foam filled flexible safety tanks conforming with F.I.A./S.C.C.A. safety regulations. FT 3 specification.
2 Cells. 12 Imperial Gallons – 14 U.S. Gallons - 54 Litres

COOLING SYSTEM: Brass fin and tube radiator.

INSTRUMENTS: Oil pressure gauge, water temperature gauge, oil gauge.

WHEELS: Lola Magnesium Alloy. Front: 8 X 13" – Rear: 10" x 13"

Wheelbase: 94” – 2390mm
Track: Front: 51” - 1295.4mm
Rear: 51.5” – 1308mm
Length: 157” – 3988mm
Width: 62” – 1575mm
Height: 36” – 913mm
Weight: 1035lbs – 470kgs

SELLING SPECIFICATIONS: "Rolling Chassis" with gearbox, includes: Seat Belts, Fire Extinguishers, Engine Mountings, Water system up to Collector Pot, Fuel system up to Fuel Collector.

OPTIONAL EXTRAS: Narrow Track components for fast circuit set—up.