Lola Bodywork

The Lola factory now holds the bodywork moulds for the following type numbers:

Lola Mk 1 panel moulds; nose, tail, 2 doors, internal bulk heads, nose duct.

Lola T190 panel moulds; nose cockpit and tail combined, 2 undertrays.

Lola T300 panel moulds; nose, cockpit, 2 front wings, seat.

Lola T330 / T332 panel moulds; nose, 2 small side pods, cockpit, seat, tail airbox combined, headrest modification.

Lola T400 panel moulds; nose, cockpit, tail airbox combined, 2 front wings, seat, 2 side sills.

Lola T460 panel moulds; nose, cockpit, rear wing mount cover, front splitter, seat, plus additional nose.

Lola T850 panel moulds; nose, cockpit, air box.

Additionally bodywork for the T490/T492 is available from Loaded Gunn Racing:


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