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The T870 was the new Formula 3 deign that was built in July 1983, presumably with the intention of testing the car and perhaps running it in a few end-of-season races prior to a full season in 1984. The car was tested by Johnny Dumfries at Snetterton in July lapping in the 63 second bracket and Dumfries was quite complimentary about the car saying it "felt quite promising". There are no further reports of the car on track and, for whatever reason, it never raced. It would be 2003 before Lola designed a new Formula 3 car.

There are no details of the car in the Lola Heritage Archives and all the picture shows is the the front suspension employed pullrods, compared to the dominant Ralt RT3/83 the large sidepods make it look very bulky.

Year(s) of Construction: 1983

Total Built: 1