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Mike Blanchet in T770/2.

Following the disaster that was the T770 a modified version appeared in 1980. the T770/2, this was T770/HU1 that had been returned to the factory and was fitted with modified sidepods without sliding skirts that were now banned, no front wings and a lower than normal rear wing. Testing resulted in a normal height rear wing and a full-width nosecone and further modified sidepods. Additionally the Renault engine was replaced by a Toyota 2T-G Novamotor which was the power plant of choice in the UK.

The "new" car got off to a flying start taking third at the opening round of the Vandervell British Formula 3 Championship at Silverstone with Mike Blanchet and then improved this to second in Round 2 at Thruxton. Fate then took a hand and the team running the car hit financial problems and the car was only seen sporadically for the rest of the year. Oddly in the remaining races Mike took seven seventh places!

Just as Lola finally seemed to get the hang of F3 they quit, no F3 more cars were raced for some twenty years until the Lola-Dome, F1 and F3000 were calling and Lola turned to those apparently greener pastures.

Year(s) of Construction: 1980

Total Built: See text


Mike Blanchet in the revised T770/2.