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T711 HU2 now competes in Historic racing.

Hedging their bets, in addition to the T710, Chevrolet also fitted a car with a normally aspirated six litre (366 cu. in.) V8 and this car was the T711 HU2. The car was run by Lee Racing who used a number of drivers including Lew Price, Carson Baird, Terry Labonte and Chip Mead but results were generally disappointing, in the twelve races contested (nine in 1985 and three in 1986) the car retired in nine and the best finish was a 7th at Miami in 1985.

Unusually comprehensive technical details about the construction of the T710 much of which, as regards the chassis other than the different engine and the necessary changes because of this, applies to the T711 and can be viewed in the Chevrolet publicity brochure which can be downloaded in zip format HERE.

Year(s) of Construction: 1984

Total Built: 1