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50 years ago David Hitches was racing a Mk1 in Finland.

Petri Hitches tells us:

"I came across this photo in the Helsinki Sanomat newspaper recently. They are running a series on historical events 50 years ago, and there was a photo of my father( David Hitches) in his 1961 Mk1 (BR27a).

He also holds the lap record for the Helsinki circuit (Elaintarhanajo which means ZOO) set in 1963 in the final fatal FJ race where a young Swedish driver was killed."

Article text:

Two overwhelming victories lower the interest to Elaintarhanajo

XXIII Elaintarhanajo was not an economic success. Only 60499 spectators come to spend their Helatorstai (Thursday that is some kind of church holiday) with rumbling motors, gasoline fumes and a few colorful tackles in the speed carnival.

Now the question is, what’s the reason for such a crash in spectator numbers. Last time there were less spectators was in 1946.