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CAN AM – THE SPEED ODYSSEY DVD Now available in UK format.

THE SPEED ODYSSEY takes you on a wild ride of max speed road racing. Between 1966 & 1973 The Canadian American Challenge Cup was a quintessential adventure in an era of change and discovery, where heroic drivers battled in their brutally powerful and fast Can-Am machines on the daunting race tracks of North America.

A road racing counter culture, unique to this series, the Can-Am rulebook was intentionally brief with few restrictions on the cars. A championship that created the fastest most powerful road racers, radical machines incorporating sometimes bizarre innovations pushed to the limits – and sometimes beyond........

CAN-AM legends Jim Hall and Sam Posey take you inside this brave odyssey, a spectacle of fierce competition, escalating speeds, intrigue and ground shaking noise.

THE SPEED ODYSSEY is a collection of rare and largely unseen archive footage from period newsreels and event reports.


CAN-AM, The Speed Odyssey may be obtained by contacting:
Driven and Ridden,
Overdale, Burton Road, Oxenholme, Cumbria, LA9 7ER
01539 735070