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Ross Bowdler at has launched a petition campaign using the PM’s office service. Ross has some strong views of his own but if you agree, then do something to support his efforts.

Anybody involved in motorsport should read this.

A petition has been submitted to number 10 in an effort to get the government to take action in allowing activities that generate noise, such as motorsport, to continue to do so providing that they have been present in a community for a longer period of time than the residents who complain about them.

Please sign the petition by following this link:

It is unlikely that this will make any difference but definitely worth a try. Forward this story on to all of your contacts and we will see if we can make a difference.

The petition is aimed at regular scenarios where new inbound residents buy a house next to an established race circuit or a venue which has been used for competition purposes for years and often successfully lobby against regular usage of a track - think Castle Combe, Goodwood, Thruxton etc etc.

We all are aware of environmental concerns re motorsport, noise issues etc - the reality is though that these "new" resident tosspots seem to be a lot more vociferous and active than motorsport participants - and certainly based on recent events - more successful in getting their viewpoint to prevail.

When in 2020 we are legislated out of even driving competition/sports cars on health and safety grounds - and all the circuits have been converted to subsidised housing for unemployed people who wear baseball caps the wrong way round - you will regret your inactivity NOW - so just sign the bloody petition!!!

Yours truly, Ross.