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Goodwood Festival of Speed 2007. A very nervous visitor from Germany asked if he could have his photo taken alongside Johan Woerheide’s T70. Now Friederich Bier sends his thanks and shares his pictures with us.

Dear Glyn Jones,

We met at Goodwood, where you generously let me take a seat in your car.

Your website is great and was added to my favourites immediately. Thank your for providing these insights.

And thank you very much again for letting me get so close to my absolute dream race car. Feeling like a schoolboy again, stumbling incomplete sentences failing to grasp the right words. And being completely unable to get that silly grin out of my face. This last happened to me when I was taken for a ride in an early AC Cobra at Zandvoort with shift points at 8,500 rpm. So it is good to know you still fit a Lola T70 even though you are 6 feet tall. Life makes sense.

Attached you find a picture as promised.

Good luck with all your Lola projects. I hope we will meet again.

Best regards,

Friederich Bier