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Tom Walker has sent details of his T160 together with a request for help.

Picture courtesy of Tom Walker.

Hi Glyn and Gerald,

I have burnt the midnight oil, and I think, got some where with my Lola's history!

Working back, The last owner in the States, before Rod Leach imported it, was Dr Frank Spaeth, a dentist from North Carolina. He bought it from John Erickson, who did some minor SCCA stuff around Michigan in 1974-1975. John now works in management at Penske.

Erickson told me he bought the car from a guy called Otto Uecker, from Monroe, Michigan.

Then there is a gap, but the trail gets hot again, due to the unusual roll bar the car has. Checking old photos in magazines, there was a shot of a guy called Oliver Jones racing a dark blue T160/163 at Can-Am Laguna Seca in 1971, with a roll-bar just like the one on the car now. He then went on to do a few club events with the car.

Oliver Jones bought the car from Doug Shierson, who owned and campaigned it in Can-Am in 1970, driven by Chuck Parsons. (or Chuck Parsons owned it and was Sponsored by Marathon Oil/Shierson.) It was described then as a T160 with 163 bodywork, by Pete Lyons in Autosport. I contacted Tom Schultz who sent me some photos of the car in the pits with the tail off, and I have been able to match details on the panels to my tub, which was very exciting.

Can you help me trace Oliver Jones.....I have had a go and got nowhere? He owned a Capri in which he did some rallying, but the current owner of the Capri never traced him in spite of some effort. In fact I would also like to find Otto Uecker. I managed to trace his family but his wife was rather tense - "I haven’t seen my ex-husband for 20 years!".

I would love to hear from anyone with advice/comments that will help me to complete the history of this car.

Regards, Tom Walker. Contact Tom direct at;