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Kenne Bristol of Elmhurst Illinois sent words & pictures about his T70 Mk3B

Elmhurst, Illinois, USA.

Dear Lola Heritage,

I enclose some pictures of my Lola T70 MkIIIB which I have owned for four plus years. I have restored the car, chassis No. T76/144 and have raced at several vintage events east of the Mississippi River.

Spectators love seeing the car. The design is ageless, it’s fun to drive and always attracts the crowds in a show. Despite offers to buy the car I plan on keeping it and continuing to enjoy driving it.

The original owners were Trevor Taylor and Barrie Smith.

I also own T294 HU68 which I bought in 2005. The car ran at Le Mans in 1981 however I do not have much detail on the history and would appreciate hearing from anyone who can help fill in the gaps.

Regards, Kenne.