1970 LOLA T165 SL165/26


T165 SL165/26 as it is today. (Picture courtesy of John Starkey)

This T165 has an unusual gestation, in the 1970s Carl Haas was Lola's North American agent and, as such, held a large number of spares for his customers. At the end of a season, in a small number of cases, he had sufficient parts to build up a complete car to be sold. Haas then fitted a Lola chassis plate and gave the car a chassis number sequentially following the final Lola production number, this was done with Lola's tacit approval as a way of helping Hass offset the cost of frequently running the works car in North America.

SL165/26 is one of these cars.

Spare chassis by Lola, Cars Ltd, built up by Carl Haas Imports USA and sold to Peter Gregg to replace his crashed T163. Used T163 tail, as wings on upright supports had been outlawed by SCCA in 1970. Raced in Can Am and then SCCA National/Club races.

Can Am races.
01/11: Riverside Can Am: P. Gregg, 59; 13th.

Sold to Brad Dunn, Texas.
22/08: BVR National: B. Dunn; 7th.
08/10: Blackhawk National: B. Dunn; DNF.
10/08: Blackhawk Region National; B. Dunn; 6th.
19/08: Blackhawk Nationals: B. Dunn; 9th.

12/08: Lake Afton: B. Dunn. DNS. (engine failed in practice).
02/09: Mid-Ohio National: B. Dunn; 8th.
23/09: Road America: B. Dunn. DNF.
29/09: Phoenix:B. Dunn. 7th.

23/02: Phoenix: B. Dunn. 11th.
13/05: Mar National. B. Dunn. DNF (Gearbox).

Sold to Brian O’Neil.
16/06: Road America National: B. O’Neil; 10th.
15/07: Midwest Co-op. B. O’Neil; 8th.
17/08: Wichita GP:B. O’Neil; 11th.
01/09: Mid Ohio National: B. O’Neil; DNF.
23/09: Mar National: B. O’Neil; DNF.

22/02: Phoenix National: B. O’Neil; 9th.
18/05: Mar National: B. O’Neil; DNF. (Gearbox).
16/06: Elkhart Lake June Sprint:B. O’Neil; 8th.
23/06: MAR Nat: B. O’Neil; DNF. (Clutch).
08/09: MAR Falstaff; B. O’Neil; 5th.
21/09: Phoenix; Indian Summer Sprints: B. O’Neil; DNF. (Acc. in practice).

Sold to Mac McClendon.
1985: Repaired.
1986: Sold to Peter Hemmings. Some vintage races.
1993: Crashed in testing at Sebring.
1995: Sold back to Mac McClendon.
2016: Restored.