The start of the 2013 Auto GP season brought some fresh news for the open-wheel series managed by Enzo Coloni. After the recently-announced deals for Kimiya Sato, Riccardo Agostini and Andrea Roda, the championship is poised to deliver the latest photos of its 2013 Lola B05/52-based racecar, an evolution of the design tested on-track last December at Barcelona. While the first test model lowered the 2012 version's laptimes by 1.2 seconds per lap (with an estimated 1.5-second improvement) the latest evolution will push that gap to 2 seconds per lap, bringing Auto GP to the same performance level of the World Series Renault 3.5 and the GP2 Series.

For the project's development, Coloni worked with one of the most renowned engineers in motor racing, Enrique Scalabroni. The former owner of the BCN GP2 team has also an extremely high-profile F1 experience as a designer for Ferrari and Williams in the 80's and 90's, and put his skills at the service of Auto GP producing one of the most innovative packages in international motorsports.

Enzo Coloni:
“We increased the downforce and also worked to increase the top speed. This is an innovative product that resembles, under many aspects, the solution currently used in Formula 1. On the other hand, we worked on its appearance and made it sure it was good-looking. With highly-competitive costs, we are providing our teams and drivers with a car that can match the performance level of much more expensive series like the GP2 series and Formula Renault 3.5”.

Enrique Scalabroni:
“I deeply admire and respect Enzo Coloni from a professional point of view and there's also a good friendship between us. With limited resources compared to the major car manufacturers and series promoters, he always managed to develop something very competitive and innovative. When he asked me for an opinion on his new car, I gave him my advice and we developed some new solutions 2013. It's not the first time, we previously developed the Formula Nissan together and it became a benchmark for its era. I hope it will be a good omen for the new era of Auto GP.”

Artist's impression of the 2013 AutoGP car.