Lola Group and Drayson Racing Technologies (DRT) today announce at the 2011 Cenex LCV event at Rockingham, UK, further detail on the groundbreaking Lola-Drayson B12/69EV all-electric prototype. The major partnership between Lola and Drayson to build an electric powered LMP (Le Mans Prototype) car was announced in July. Today, both Robin Brundle, Managing Director of Lola Group and Lord Paul Drayson, founder and Chairman of DRT release the names of the technical partners for the project and what each of the six technology companies will be contributing and developing.

The official partners and suppliers on the B12/69EV are:
BAE Systems - Structural Carbon Battery
Multimatic - Dynamic Suspensions Energy Recovery Damper (DSERD)
Halo IPT - Wireless Charging
Cosworth - Electronic Control Systems

Oxford YASA Motors - Motors
Mavizen A123 - Batteries
Rinehart Motion Systems - Inverters
Warwick University (AMRC) - Advanced Sustainable Materials.

The Lola Drayson all-electric sports car will be the fastest electric powered race car to lap a circuit. Showcasing technology such as inductive charging, composite battery power, moveable aerodynamics and electrical regenerative damping, the B12/69EV will be one of the most advanced zero emission competetion cars to have run.

Commenting today on the details of the Lola-Drayson all-electric project, Lola Managing Director, Robin Brundle said: "Lola has been known throughout its history as a technically adventurous company that has helped shape the motorsport industry. Today's announcement evidences our commitment to ensuring that with our partners and suppliers we can be the leaders in pioneering future technologies that will be an intrinsic part of both the automotive and motorsport industries."

Also commenting on today's announcement was Lord Paul Drayson, who said: "Everyone involved in the Lola-Drayson B12/69EV project is committed to green innovation and developing new green technologies.

"Cutting edge systems with an emphasis on sustainable and renewable power are the key elements of the Lola-Drayson B12/69EV all-electric LMP demonstrator. The collection of hi-tech, innovative science and technology companies that DRT and Lola have formed will be instrumental to the success of this landmark vehicle."

About Lola Group
In its 53rd year of business, Lola is one of the longest established and most successful designers and constructors of racing cars in the world, keeping itself at the forefront of design and technology by investing in state of the art facilities including Computational Fluid Dynamics, Finite Element Analysis, a 50% scale wind tunnel and a 7 post aerodynamic suspension and chassis set up rig. The company is equipped and has the skills to carry out any major motorsport programmes for a manufacturer from F1 through every category of motorsport.

Having built more customer racing cars than any other constructor in the history of motorsport, Lola now also services the Aerospace, Renewables, Automotive, Defence and Communications industries with a complete design and build capability in advanced carbon composites.

About Drayson Racing
Drayson Racing Technologies LLP is a research & development business based in the heart of the UK’s world-leading motorsport industry at Kidlington, near Oxford. Paul Drayson, a former biotechnology entrepreneur and the UK Minister for Science and Innovation in the previous government, formed Drayson Racing Technologies LLP in 2007 with his wife, Elspeth, to act as a racing laboratory to pioneer the development of green technologies in the challenging environment of motor racing. Since then Drayson Racing has achieved a number of notable firsts racing second-generation biofuels and has latterly focused on the emerging field of electric racing.