In 2011 the 550 bhp Auto GP cars will thunder through the streets of Bucharest, spreading the scream of their V8 engines among the Romanian city buildings.

Even if there are still two events to go before the end of the 2010 championship, the series staff is already working on next season's calendar and signing this agreement with Nic Serbu, the Bucharest circuit promoter and CEO of Bucharest Grand Prix Srl, was an important step looking to 2011. The race, named Bucharest GP, will be held in July on the capital street circuit, known as Bucharest Ring: 3 kilometres long, its layout was conceived under the supervising of Hermann Tilke, Bernie Ecclestone's favourite designer for the new F.1 tracks.

It's a proven circuit (FIA GT raced there in 2007 and 2008) providing some really unique features. A long part of track runs aside the Palace of the Parliament, one of Europe's most incredible buildings. Finished in 1989, with 1100 rooms it's listed in the Guinness World of Records as the biggest, most expensive and heaviest administrative building in the World. So, it will be a staggering background for the on-track Auto GP action. The event was presented today in Bucharest with a press conference attended by Mr. Enzo Coloni, the series organizer, Mr. Nic Serbu, the event promoter, Gaetano Limongi, the race organizing manager as well as the Romanian Automobile Club representative, Mr. Ion Olaru, and the Romanian Motorcycle Federation representative, Mr. Gabriel Olariu.

Enzo Coloni:
"We are really happy of this agreement, something that will give us the chance to create a unique and prestigious event, a race that through the years could become a real 'classic'. Besides this, street circuits are always very special because drivers have to give their best with a very small margin of error, a situation that usually allows the best talents to shine, which is exactly what Auto GP is for. This is the first step towards 2011, a season that will see Auto GP grow after a good 2010 campaign".

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