Lola today releases details of the 2011 open cockpit LMP2 car. The Lola B11/40 will enable all privateer teams to compete in the new cost-capped LMP2 class using a proven endurance sports car product. Lola are the first constructor to embrace the new for 2011 cost-capped LMP2 regulations that will see a variety of GT production engines available to Lola customers. BMW, Ford, HPD, Jaguar, Nissan and Toyota units will be available for installation in Lola LMP2 sports cars for the 2011 season. Lola will also provide the proven Lola high-torque transmission, detachable quick-release rear bodywork and all-carbon bodywork.

Current and future Lola teams will be offered access to the very highly regarded Lola customer support centre. This will include full aero maps, trackside spares supply in the LMS and Le Mans 24 Hours, access to engineers, 7-post test rig and wind tunnel model use if required.

The record of Lola’s current generation of sports cars – including three LMP2 class wins (2005-2007) and two Le Mans Series Constructors titles in 2009 – underscores the company’s skill in creating the correct package for endurance racing. Results in LMP1 and LMP2 on both sides of the Atlantic have confirmed Lola as the fastest and most reliable customer chassis.

The 2011 Lola B11/40 LMP2 open cockpit package will include:

New all-carbon bodykit.
Quick-release removable rear bodywork.
Lola high-torque gearbox.

Engines available to Lola LMP2 customers:
(In alphabetical order.)
Ford 2.0litre turbo.
HPD V6 turbo.
Jaguar V8 N/A.
Judd V8 N/A.
Nissan V8 N/A.
Toyota V8 N/A.

Development Services brought to you by Lola Group Aerodynamics.
50%-scale rolling road wind tunnel with outstanding correlation to on-track performance.
Existing Lola LMP wind tunnel model available for customer programmes.
Confidentiality ensured by private control room access and secure model making area.
CFD cluster recently upgraded to full F1 standard in partnership with AMD and FLUENT.
CFD software suite includes latest versions of FLUENT, ANSA, Sculptor, and FIELDVIEW.

Vehicle Dynamics
Baseline chassis set-ups developed on Lola’s in-house 7-post test rig.
Circuit simulation (track replay) software employed to optimise suspension and aerodynamic settings.
Test rig also used for damper, spring, suspension geometry and tyre analysis.
Flexible data and report formats including integration with wind tunnel results.
Sessions on test rig available at special discount rate to B11/40 customers.

Costs and Support
Terms and Conditions
Choice and full specification of engine must be confirmed with each chassis order.
Cost of non-standard engine installation subject to separate quote.
Delivery price in GBP or Euros ex-works Lola Cars International in UK.

Spares and Updates
Replacement parts shipped to teams from Lola Cars or authorised agents.
Key spares also available trackside at LMS events plus Le Mans.
Performance updates offered to all customers on impartial basis as and when available.
Lola manufacturing capacity ensures reliable supply of spares and updates.

Customer Support
Comprehensive manual and regular technical bulletins supplied to customers.
Additional support staff and spares supply present at Le Mans 24 Hours.
Lola engineer can attend customer’s first test and first race (excluding Le Mans) at no cost.

All pictures Lola Heritage.