The Lola-HPD LMP2 Coupe of RML took a richly merited 3rd place podium result at the 2010 Le Mans 24 Hours. In one of the most gruelling races of recent years the red, white and blue Lola, driven by Mike Newton, Tommy Erdos and Andy Wallace ran an excellent race, which also saw then claim an incredible 8th position overall. Lola had three other finishers in a race that saw half of the field retire with a variety of mechanical problems and accidents.The Aston Martin engined Lola B09/60 LMP1 Coupe of Stefan Mucke, Harold Primat and Adrian Fernandez finished a fine 6th overall after fighting back from a gearbox problem that cost them over an hour on Sunday morning. There was also heartbreak for the 009 Lola Aston Martin (Hancock/Turner/Barazi) which was forced to retire with less than hour remaining of the race when in 4th position.

Kruse-Schiller took a gutsy finish with their open cockpit Lola-Judd. Hideki Noda, Jean De Pourtales and Jonathan Kennard take a well-earned Le Mans finish.

Drayson Racing took the chequered flag on their first appearance at Le Mans with an LMP1 entry. Paul Drayson fulfilled a longheld dream of crossing the finishing line in the green Lola-Judd LMP1 much to the delight of the committed British team who overcame many problems to survive until the end of the event.

Race Result

1. Bernhard/Dumas/Rockenfeller P1 Audi R15 397 laps
2. Fassler/Lotterer/Treluyer P1 Audi R15 396 laps
3. Kristensen/McNish/Capello P1 Audi R15 394 laps
4. Ayari/Andre/Meyrick P1 ORECA 01-AIM 369 laps
5. Watts/Kane/Leventis P2 Strakka HPD ARX-01 367 laps
6. Mucke/Fernandez/Primat P1 AMR Lola-Aston Martin 365laps
7. Charouz/Lahaye/Moreau P2 Oak Pescarolo 361 laps
8. Erdos/Newton/Wallace P2 RML Lola HPD 361 laps
9. Nicolet/Hein/Yvon P2 Oak Prescarolo 341 laps
10. Ojeih/Greaves/Chandalon P2 Ginetta 341 laps
26. Noda/Pourtales/Kennard P2 KSM Lola-Judd 291 laps
28. - NC. Pirro/Cocker/Drayson P1 Drayson Lola 254 laps

R. Hancock/Turner/Barazi P1 AMR Lola-Aston Martin
R. Mailleux/Ragues/Ickx P1 Signature Lola-Aston Martin
R. Prost/Andretti/Jani P1 Lola-Rebellion
R. Boullion/Belicchi/Smith P1 Lola-Rebellion
R. Pirri/Cioci/Perrazzini P2 Racing Box Lola
R. Lewis/Burgess/Willman P1 Autocon Lola-AER

After 24 Hours there were 28 cars still running and classified

All pictures courtesy of Jakob Ebrey

The RML Lola took an excellent 3rd in LMP2.

Despite gearbox problems the Lola Aston Martin of Mucke, Fernandez and Primat finished 6th.

Drayson Racing were delighted to finish the race with their LMP1 car.

Another finisher was the KSM Lola-Judd.

The Prost, Andretti, Jani Lola-Rebellion was a non-finisher.

The Hancock, Turner, Barazi AMR Lola-Aston Martin was desperately unlucky to retire in the last hour.

The Mailleux, Ragues, Ickx Signature Lola-Aston Martin was quick but retired.

No luck for the Boullion, Belicchi, Smith Lola-Rebellion car...

...or the Pirri, Cioci, Perrazzini LMP2 Racing Box Lola.

An early retirement for the Lewis, Burgess, Willman LMP1 Autocon Lola-AER.

Andy Wallace, Tommy Erdos and Mike Newton celebrate on the podium.