Today’s Le Mans 24 Hours will see ten Lola designed and built sports cars take the start for the world’s toughest endurance event. At 14.22pm local time, a modern version of the classic Le Mans start will be re-created where drivers are set to run to their cars to form the dummy grid. At 15.00 the race will begin with 55 cars of 4 different classes battling it out on the famous and challenging 8.72-mile circuit.

Conditions for the race are expected to be dry this afternoon. However, this morning the warm up session was held in damp conditions and many cars suffered excursions due to the treacherous track surface.

Rebellion Racing successfully completed laps with the re-built #13 Lola Rebellion. Jean Christophe Boullion and Guy Smith took part in the session and it will be Frenchman starting the LMP1 Coupe in the race this afternoon.

How the Lola’s line up. Start drivers in brackets:

#007 AMR Lola Aston Martin (Stefan Mucke) - starts 8th
#008 Signature Plus Lola Aston Martin (Frank Mailleux) - starts 11th
#009 AMR Lola Aston Martin (Darren Turner) – starts 9th
#11 Drayson Lola Judd (Paul Drayson) - starts 14th
#12 Rebellion Racing Lola Rebellion (Neel Jani) – starts 16th
#13 Rebellion Racing Lola Rebellion (JC Boulion) – starts 19th
#19 Autocon Lola-AER (Tony Burgess) – starts 23rd
#25 RML Lola HPD (Tommy Erdos) – starts 20th
#29 Racing Box Lola Judd (Luca Pirri) – starts 24th
#39 Kruse Schiller Lola Judd (Jean De Pourtales) – starts 26th

All pictures courtesy of Jakob Ebrey