Carlos Iaconelli took Durango back on the highest step of the podium. The Brazilian driver easily won the second race of the Imola weekend, leading a pack of just ten cars following an accident that took six cars out of contention right after the start. When the lights were off, the poleman Celso Miguez and Carlos Iaconelli had a good start, while Stefano Coletti didn't. Jonny Reid was immediately on his side, and Coletti closed the door pushing him towards the grass. Unfortunately, Fabio Onidi was also there after an astonishing start, and Reid had no room to move. Coletti made contact with Reid and then spun on the other side of the track, collecting also Luca Filippi and Edoardo Piscopo. In the meantime, Reid's car bounced back into Onidi and then spun into the middle of the track, were Walter Grubm├╝ller was arriving. The crash was very hard, and Grubm├╝ller's car even went airborne. The Austrian driver was taken to the hospital for some checks but was unscathed, like all the other drivers involved in the crash, confirming again the high safety of the Lola chassis.

After this, the race direction opted for a restart behind the Safety-Car. It stayed on track for two laps, and then it was time for green flag and free racing: Iaconelli immediately started to put pressure on Miguez, while at the Villeneuve chicane Fabrizio Crestani passed Giorgio Pantano. Iaconelli took the lead on lap 4, when he overtook Miguez with a daring move on the outside at Tamburello. From then on, the Durango driver stretched his lead lap improving lap after lap and also clinching the fastest lap of the race. Behind him, Miguez started fighting with Duncan Tappy, with the DAMS driver really pushing to find a way through a for second place, but the Spaniard replied with a wonderful drive, defending his positions and closing the line at every possible overtaking spot. The best chance for Tappy was on lap 14, when he got side by side with the RP driver, but Miguez just outbraked him in the corner, keeping 2nd place. The fight went on until last lap, with Miguez ahead of Tappy by only 0.028!

Behind them, Tambay opted for a cautious race and was 4th, ahead of a good Federico Leo, finally at ease with the Auto GP lola. The point for P6 was for Jan Charouz, who finished ahead of Fabrizio Crestani. The DAMS driver and Giorgio Pantano had a long fight for 7th position, but the 2008 GP2 champion suffered a slow puncture and had to retire with just one lap to go. Following Race 2's results, Edoardo Piscopo mantains the championship lead, followed by Tambay and then by Filippi and Tappy, tied on points. The Imola weekend classification, the one that decides the prize money allocation, has Tambay as the leader: with 13 points, he's taking 80.000 euros home, ahead of Iaconelli (10 points) getting 50.000 and Tappy (9 points) 30.000. Piscopo is fourth (8 points) and gets 15.000 euros, while Miguez and Onidi are tied in 5th position, meaning 12.500 euros each.

Carlos Iaconelli:
"I'm happy because after sorting out some brake issues the car got better and better. I have to say a big thanks to the team because already in race 1 the set-up was better allowing me to recover, and in the second race we were really strong. Winning in this way feels great!".

Celso Miguez:
"I'm really satisfied, because this result is important both for me and the team. I didn't have the car to win because grip was lacking a bit, and Iaconelli did a good move passing me on the outside taking advantage from new tyres. From then on I had to keep Tappy behind and it wasn't easy. We have a lot of work to do, but we were last after qualifying, so getting a podium is incredible".

Duncan Tappy:
"Everytime I was in Miguez's slipstream my car was hitting the rev limiter, so passing was really difficult. I tried putting pressure on him but he coped really well with that, so in the end I decided to settle for a good podium finish and some very important points".

Imola, Race 2 results
1. Carlos Iaconelli - Durango - 15 laps in 26'09"983
2. Celso Miguez - RP Motorsport - 14"395
3. Duncan Tappy - DAMS - 14"963
4. Adrien Tambay - Charouz-Gravity Racing - 15"727
5. Federico Leo - Trident Racing - 16"153
6. Jan Charouz - Charouz-Gravity Racing - 16"598
7. Fabrizio Crestani - DAMS - 18"181
8. Julian Leal - Trident Racing - 19"978
9. Giorgio Pantano - SuperNova - 1 lap
10. Stefano Bizzarri - RP Motorsport - 5 laps

Edoardo Piscopo - 0 laps
Stefano Coletti - 0 laps
Walter Grubmuller - 0 laps
Jonny Reid - 0 laps
Fabio Onidi - 0 laps
Luca Filippi - 0 laps

Drivers classification after 2 events:
1. Piscopo 20 points; 2. Tambay 16; 3. Filippi and Tappy 13; 5. Onidi 12; 6. Iaconelli 10; 7. Arabadzhiev 8; 8. Charouz 7; 9. Zaugg and Miguez 6; 11; Reid 5; 12. Leal 3; 13. Grubmuller, Coletti and Leo 2; 16. Pantano 1.

Teams classifications after 2 events:
1. DAMS 39 points; 2. Charouz Gravity Racing 27; 3. Euronova 13; 4. Lazarus 12; 5. Trident 11; 6. Durango 10; 7. SuperNova and RP Motorsport 6.

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Race 2 win for Iaconelli in the Durango Lola.

Second was Celso Miguez.

Third for Duncan Tappy and Dams.

Race 1 winner Adrien Tambay was fourth today.

Federico Leo was fifth for Trident.

Sixth-placed Jan Charouz was hampered by front wing damage.

Fabrizio Crestanii was seventh.

Eighth for Julian Leal.

A slow puncture ruined Pantano's race.

The top three on the podium.