The newly named Rebellion Racing team (formerly Speedy Racing Team Sebah) look set to have one of the strongest driver line ups in this year's Le Mans Series. Keeping very much to their Swiss roots, the team have snapped up the highly rated Neel Jani to race one of its brace of Lola LMP1 designs. 26-year-old Jani has been on the periphery of Formula One for the last few years and was strongly rumoured to be in the hunt for a full time seat in 2010. A versatile driver who has impressed many experienced engineers with his technical feedback, Jani and his team mates, Andrea Belicchi and Nico Prost were in-line for a richly merited 7th place overall at last years Le Mans 24 Hours before a late delay saw them classified 12th.

The former GP2 race winner and A1 GP champion spoke with Lola-Group.com recently about his goals in sports car racing for the 2010 season.

1.What were your impressions of the Lola LMP1 car when you competed at Le Mans last year?

“It was the first time that I had driven a car with a “roof” and a windscreen! So it was a new experience and I sometimes had the feeling that I was pulling a ‘tear-off’ away to get better visibility again! I was very impressed by the downforce of the Lola and the handling of it."

2. With limited running by Peugeot and Audi next year, will your aim be the LMP1 title in the Le Mans Series?

“The aim always has to be victory and that is what we will try to do! But I think competition will be very high so we have to prepare ourselves well for the season ahead."

3. What are the specific similarities and differences between an LMP car and a powerful single seater like a GP2 or even an F1 car?

“They are similar in terms of the downforce and even the driving style is not a lot different from a powerful single seater. The main difference is the weight, which you feel in braking and also a bit in the acceleration. But generally I was surprised that it was not too different to a single seater and that is why I like the LMP Lola so much."

4. If an F1 opportunity came up for you would you be able to race in both F1 and LMP?

“That would be a great program! The main thing for me would be to see if there were any clashes but I definitely would still like to do Le Mans if an F1 opportunity like this came up. As a racer you want to do as many races as possible and it would be very nice to compete in several racing series every year."

5. What are your feelings on racing for a team like Rebellion Racing, which has its roots in your home country?

“I like the spirit of the team and my aim is to be very much part of it and to help the them achieve its very ambitious goals. It would be nice to have another successful sports car team out of Switzerland after Sauber,Brun etc.”

For more on Neel click here - www.neel-jani.com/

Neel Jani. (Picture www.neel-jani.com)

The Speedy Racing Team Sebah Lola LMP1 car at Portugal last year. (Picture Lola Heritage)

Neel Jani in the Team Switzerland A1GP Lola. (Picture A1GP.com)