On Sunday 12 October, an estimated 10,000 spectators packed the streets of Huntingdon in Cambridgeshire to support Lola Cars landmark 50th Anniversary parade of racing cars. The impressive display of 20 cars represented the marque’s most iconic models from the past half century through to Lola’s all-new 2008 designs. Some of Lola’s most successful drivers were reunited with the winning line-up of cars supporting Lola’s Golden celebration. The Lola legends included John Surtees OBE, Richard Attwood, Teddy Pilette, Chris Craft, Mike Blanchet, James Weaver, Julian Bailey, Anthony Reid, Peter Ashdown and Hugh Dibley. Sir Jackie Stewart’s 1967 Indy 500 Lola T92 was driven by Lola owner and Executive Chairman Martin Birrane who has raced and won in many Lola’s down the years. Current racers included Le Mans Series driver Mike Newton, Malaysian A1 Grand Prix driver Fairuz Fauzy and Danny Watts.

At midday and in brilliant autumn sunshine, Councillor Saeed Akthar, the Mayor of Huntingdon, waved the Union Jack to officially start the parade from Lola’s state-of-the-art headquarters. The roadside was packed with spectators from start to finish as the snake of cars travelled up the 1.6 mile route via the local ring road and in to the historic market square where Oliver Cromwell rallied his troops during the Civil War.

Heading up the parade was the all-new RML MG-Lola LMP2 Coupe dressed in the patriotic red, white and blue livery, followed by Lola’s latest track day car B07/90 which had Jonathan Djanogly, MP for the Huntingdon constituency enjoying a passenger ride with sportscar and GT champion Calum Lockie. Other star participants included a Lola T70 Mk111B that cemented the marque’s status in world motorsport during the 1960’s and the Mark 1, the first car built by Lola driven by James Leslie, son of the late David Leslie. In the 1970’s Lola enjoyed worldwide success with its F5000 cars one of which was driven in the parade by its owner and historic race winner Frank Lyons.

At the end of the route the cars parked up in a specially constructed paddock area that had been assembled in Huntingdon’s historic market square. As the crowd eagerly awaited a glimpse of the first Lola cars to enter the paddock they were treated to a display from the Blue Vision Huntingdon Majorette team and a demonstration from the Huntingdon Olympic gymnast club, that trained Louis Smith who recently claimed a bronze medal at the Beijing Olympics.

Motorsport presenter and personality Tony Jardine hosted a number of interviews on the Town Hall balcony overlooking the packed out paddock area, with Martin Birrane and the founder of Lola cars, Eric Broadley joining racing legend John Surtees for an enthralling Q&A session. Lola has been located in Huntingdon since 1970 and continues to be an important business for the local community. In recognition of the town’s support, David Monks, Chief Executive of the District Council, presented Martin Birrane and Eric Broadley with a commemorative scroll in front of the applauding audience that had filled the market square.


“The Lola marque has become a worldwide icon of motorsport. It is only fitting that the people of Huntingdon should see some of the 220 models of racecar that Lola has designed in its fifty years in business.”

“This was a superb event and a great way to mark 50 years for a company that is very close to my heart. Like any relationship there were ups and downs both on and off the track but the fact remains that Lola build world class racing cars.

“When I was involved in A1 GP the job Lola did was very good indeed. Martin (Birrane) saved Lola and his business sense and skill have seen it through the tough times to where it is now, back at the top in world motorsport.”

“I have driven quite a few Lola’s but the one I drove today (the B2K/40) was not one I actually competed in. I did test it at Phoenix in 2000 but I was more familiar with the LMP675 MG car that Lola built. That was a great car, ahead of its time in many ways.

Martin Birrane has done a fine job in directing Lola in what is a very volatile industry and it was an absolute pleasure to be here today to witness this very fun event and see some great old colleagues.”

“I always enjoyed racing Lola cars. The T400 that I won the F5000 title with in 1975 was a truly great car and I just loved driving it. Eric was a genius designer and to recognise what he and now Martin Birrane have achieved is a real honour to be part of.”

“What a thrilling day. Meeting so many old faces was very nice. The variety of Lola’s that were in the parade was excellent and for the company to be celebrated like this in front of its own people in Huntingdon made for an unforgettable day.”

All pictures by Jakob Ebrey Photography.

The 2008 LMP2 Coupe of Mike Newton leads the 16 car parade around the streets of Huntingdon.

John Surtees and Eric Broadley in the Lola T70 Mk111B.

The packed historic market square in Huntingdon hosted Lola's paddock of 20 cars.

(L to R) Martin Birrane, John Surtees, Eric Broadley and Tony Southgate.

Councillor Saaed Akhar, Mayor of Huntingdon with Lola's Glyn Jones.

The drivers and well known personalities from Lola's last half century.

The beautiful Lola T400 driven by Frank Lyons in the parade.

James Weaver powers along the Riverside stretch of Huntingdon Ring Road.

Driver Calum Lockie with local Member of Parliament Jonathan Djanology.

Martin Birrane in the Lola T92 Indycar goes through the Ring Road 'Sweepers'.

Not one of Lola's design!

Lola had much success in Sports 2000 here represented by the T492.

Julian Bailey relives memories of his victory in the 1982 Formula Ford Festival with the T640E.