On Sunday 12 October, Huntingdon will be set for a taste of Monte Carlo-style action when a symbolic parade of racing cars takes to the streets of the Cambridgeshire town. The parade will be a fitting hometown celebration to mark Lola Cars 50th Anniversary in 2008. Up to 16 race cars will take part in this landmark occasion, representing Lola’s iconic designs from the past half-century to the current day. Heading up the parade will be the all-new RML MG-Lola LMP2 Coupe dressed in its stunning red, white and blue livery, which will be competing in next year’s Le Mans 24 Hours race. Historic cars in the parade will include: the Mk1, the first Lola sportcar built; the Lola T92 that Sir Jackie Stewart raced at the 1967 Indy 500; through to the sleek design of the Lola T70.

Also lining up on the spectacular grid of cars that span the full 50 years of Lola’s existence will be the A1 Grand Prix Team Malaysia Lola that has won races in the World Cup of Motorsport. Up and coming single seater ace, Fairuz Fauzy will drive this striking Lola design.

Stars from half a century of Lola racing will be meeting up with old friends and their old mounts at the parade. These personalities will include Richard Attwood, Hugh Dibley, Jackie Epstein, Alain De Cadenet, Mike Blanchet, James Weaver, Julian Bailey, Anthony Reid and Peter Ashdown.

Martin Birrane, the owner of Lola Cars, has invited Eric Broadley MBE, the marque’s founder, to be an integral part of the Golden celebration. The 80-year-old Broadley will take the passenger seat of a Lola for the procession. Another notable passenger will be Jonathan Djanogly, MP for the Huntingdon constituency, who will be driven in Lola’s latest track-day car.

At 12.00 noon, Saeed Akthar, Worshipful Mayor of Huntingdon, will be waving a Union Jack to officially start the parade from Lola’s headquarters in Huntingdon. The unique collection of cars will then travel a designated two mile route via the local ring road, finishing with the cars forming a spectacular ‘paddock’ in Huntingdon’s historic market square.

Lola will also be hosting a public ‘Q & A’ session from the Town Hall balcony that overlooks the paddock area. The interviews will be supported by local dignitaries and an array of drivers associated with Lola throughout its fifty year history, including 500cc Motorcycle and 1964 Formula One World Champion John Surtees.

Lola and the local authorities have been working together to make sure all the necessary provisions are put in place to make it a safe and enjoyable day for the local community and visitors. The parade route and paddock area are within easy walking distance from Huntingdon train station, with the event organisers encouraging visitors to maximise local transport facilities.

Martin Birrane commented, “Given the nature of motorsport, the majority of our work has to be done behind closed doors, so we wanted to create an event that enables the local community and motorsport fans to see Lola Cars at close quarters. What better setting than our hometown to celebrate a memorable 50 years in motorsport. It will be a wonderful occasion to see such a colourful collection of Lola designs drive through the centre of Huntingdon, whilst reuniting drivers such as John Surtees with cars they have raced so many years ago.”

The town, famed for its Members of Parliament – Oliver Cromwell during the 16th century and John Major during the 20th – now has the yellow and blue racing colours of Lola flying the flag for Huntingdon and British motorsport.



Do try and park up early in a car park. These are detailed on the parade map.

Do get a position on the parade route sooner rather than later, certainly by 11.30.

Do use the Bridge Place public car park in Godmanchester if you are travelling from the East.

Do come to the paddock in the market square but bare in mind it could be very busy.

Do come back if it is too busy in the square. The cars are in the 'paddock' until 4pm.

Do get a special 50th anniversary poster from the Lola marquee.

Do ask members of the Lola team about the cars.

Do be patient if you are travelling by car in and around Huntingdon, the traffic is likely to be heavy on the day.

Do respect and listen to the marshals when the temporary road closure is in operation between approx 11.55-12.10.

Do listen out for any announcements from the town square PA system.

Do check out the pre event entertainment in the market square between 12-12.30.

Do get drivers to sign posters. They will be happy to do so.

Do watch the parade from the paths lining the route.


Don't park on the parade route at all.

Don't park in the market square between 6pm on Saturday 11th and 6pm on Sunday 12th.

Don't come to the Lola factory before the parade. The area is being used for the parade organisation and is closed to the public.

Don't step in to the road to take photos. This is dangerous and you will get told off by a marshal!

Don't cross the road when the parade is approaching. Don't watch from the traffic islands on St Peters Road.

Don't cross the barrier in the market square paddock until it is lifted by official personnel.

Don't come to the Princes Street market square entrance area at all. This will be used as access for the parade cars.

Don't climb on walls or other structures for a better view.


From the postal sorting office on St Peters Road down to the junction of Ermine Street Along Ermine Street Around the Territorial pub and around the ring road.

Riverside Road up to Bridge Hotel.


Close to Lola factory Outside Fire Station.

Near the bus stop.

Leading the parade will be the RML MG-Lola Coupe. (mg-lola.com)

Where it all began, the Mk1 Lola.

The ex-Jackie Stewart Lola T92.

Firuz Fauzy will demonstrate the Team Malaysia A1GP car. (A1GP.com)

The iconic T70.

Eric Broadley and Martin Birrane will both play a prominent role in the day's programme.