T-342 Based Formula Super Ford

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T-342 Based Formula Super Ford

Postby Rick Iverson » Sun Apr 14, 2013 12:48 pm


I have concluded negotiations for the purpose of acquiring HU 342 / 201 (FSF-Formula Super Ford), and will pick up the car next Thursday.

Yesterday, I tracked down a fine gentleman in Mr. Bob Scheib, who purchased this car new from Pierre Phillips of Phillips Motorsports, the west coast Lola distributor, circa 1975.
The car was purchased as a "roller" and was delivered from the factory equipped with a Hewland MK9 five-speed, 8"/10" x 13" Gotti three piece wheels, cantilevered wall tires, T-360 front mounted radiator and a T-360 "sport car" nose.

The chassis was essentially a 342 FF with thicker gauge upper chassis rails, additional frame gussets and tube bracing as well as the engine bay lengthened to accommodate the 2.0L Pinto engine. The center body section was the typical T-340/342, but the engine cowl and mono-post rear wing were from the T-320 series Lola FSV.

The "Super Ford" class was just getting started in Europe, and Pierre imported one of the only a three or four chassis known to have been constructed. To my knowledge, this is the only one on the planet.

Q: ANY photos, data, drawings or knowledge base out there?


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