Any Lola T250/T252 FSV Owners out there

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Any Lola T250/T252 FSV Owners out there

Postby CSuperVees » Sun Dec 02, 2018 8:44 pm

I currently own three Lola FSV, a T250 Chassis HU09, T252 Chassis HU26 and water cooled T328 HU97. These cars have been unfortunately overlooked yet they made a historic impact demonstrating Lola's presence in FSV racing and also being one of the original four manufacturers in the series. I would like to know how many other owners are out there, who is currently racing their cars and the ability to exchange information.

We have just completed the complete and thorough restoration of the T250, in fact it is on the scales as we speak. No expense was spared in the completion of this project. I designed and fabricated a sportscar nose and I am currently working on a winged front nose as well. I have moulds for the fiberglass including the engine air cooling scoops. I also have moulds that NO ONE else has for certain unobtainable T324 fiberglass parts. I sent my original undamaged T252 windscreen in to Aircraft Windshield Co. 562-430-8108 (attn, Judy) in California to have a copy made. They now have the mould for the windshield if anyone needs a replacement, excellent workmanship.

The restoration of the T252 will be beginning soon. The car was purchased new from Lola by a gentleman, raced successfully in the Midwest for two years and never driven again. It has every original Lola part including mirror stands, rain light/exhaust bracket, oil cooler mount and much more. It's going to be an exciting project.

Looking forward to hearing from other owners. See you on track next year (2019).

Frank G. Muegge
St. Louis, MO

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T250 - HU 09, fully restored
T252 - HU 26, in progress
T324 - TBD
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