Lola-Judd T92/10 wiring assistance

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Lola-Judd T92/10 wiring assistance

Postby neilatter » Fri Mar 11, 2016 8:55 pm

This might be a bit of a long shot but here goes....

I'm involved in a project to revive a T92/10 and replace the original Zytek ED1M003 ECU installation with a more contemporary Motec unit.

I need to use some of the cars original chassis harness wiring but don't have any diagrams. I believe the looms were originally built by DJ Harnessing but they seem to have long since disappeared.

Does anyone have any clues on:

Zytek ED1M003 pinouts?

Original chassis harness wiring?

The original dash wiring pinouts?

The auxiliary 'Digitek' harness pinouts (which has a couple of Morelli units fitted, possibly sensor expansion or telemetry related?)

Any clues would be gratefully received, many thanks in advance.
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