Lola T640

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Lola T640

Postby Fprodget » Tue Jul 28, 2009 11:40 am

Hello all,

I recently purchased Lola T640 HU-20. Here is the history of ownership that I found in the SCCA Logbooks:

First, I am not sure who original owners were as one of the technical inspectors for some unknown reason, destroyed the first log book upon issuance of the second one. The SCCA Log Book number is 08-0595. The 08 is the SCCA Region, which is Colorado. In the books that I have, it looks like the order of Ownership is as follows:

1. P.D Barker transferred ownership to David Crawford in 1982???
During Ownership by David Crawford (July 1988 through August 1991) the logbook shows participation in a number of Pro Ford races driven by Robert Hanley and John Barker.

2. David Crawford transferred ownership to C.T. Hancock in August of 1991. During the Ownership by C.T. Hancock, former SCCA Formula Ford National Champion (August 1991 through July 1996) there were numerous drivers of the car in the Southwest Division. Names that can be deciphered are William Hehman, CT Hancock, Nigel Allison, C. Beverly, Brian Harris, and three or four other signatures that are not written legibly.

3. C. T. Hancock sold it to T.E. Yarbrough in July of 1996. Mr. Yarbrough appears to have run four events in the Southwest Division from July 1996 through April 1997.

4. T. E. Yarbrough sold it to Dan Sheehy in Feb of 1999. At this time Dan started a restoration but did not complete it. He sold it to Dan Helman in 2006, who then assembled the car.

Now in July 2009, I am the Owner, John F Holliday, Jr and I am going to resume racing it here in the USA in the FRCCA organization. I will post pictures of it later this week.

I would like to find parts sources for this car, particularly the rear stub axle assemblies for the centerlock style wheel nuts. It seems during the car's history someone put regular studs and lugnuts on a 3-3/4 inch bolt circle on the rear. Were there any cars delivered in this fashion???

Thanks for your help,
John Holliday
Lola T640 HU-20
Lancaster PA USA
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