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Help needed

Postby willem61 » Thu Aug 09, 2007 9:01 am

Hi there,

After while surfing I came on to this wonderful forum, which might help me out. on holliday in Switserland i found a ´73 252 Lola Formel Super Vee. It is stored in the back of a garage and the owner wants about €10.000. for it. It seems complete enough, but having seen them race in periode, it looks a bit too modern. So i´d like to see pictures of other 252, but they´re hard to find on the net, so that´s question nr.1
Second question is what is it worth. And here I need to add that with the car comes a "wagenpass" - a kind of motorsportpasport that .7 april 1973 : Jim Clark gedächtnissrennen Hockenheim,On august 5 of 1973 the car runs in the GP of Germany (same date as F1), further there are entries for the ADAC 300 km rennen in ´74, Hockenheim, and the Eifellrennen (that´s Nürburgring again). So it has a race history.
So what is your opinion about this, Worth it?

regards from Amsterdam holland,

Willem kemper
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