Dismantled chassis inspection.

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Dismantled chassis inspection.

Postby Tom Walker » Sat Mar 17, 2007 3:26 pm

I am immersed in the rebuild of my T160 (163), and having read the various posts about originality, fakes, replicas etc, please can you give me your views on the value of an inspection of a car.

I am wondering whether now is the best time for an acknowledged marque expert to come and have a look while the beast is in a thousand pieces scattered around the workshop!

Please can you advise me as to who I should ask, and I mean from a Lola, not an FIA/MSA, point of view. Obviously I am not asking for a definitive "stamp of approval", but it is surely worthwhile having a look at the bits so that the correct parts can be identified etc.

Tom Walker
Tom Walker
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