Lola now hold the official lap record at Infineon Raceway, Sonoma after Cytosport's Memo Gidley smashed the existing record last week.

Memo Gidley was testing Greg Pickett’s Lola B06/10 AER at Infineon Raceway last week (November 27) – and at the end of the day, he set a 1:20.12 around the 2.53 mile course.

“That lap was impressive and ranks up there as one of the most fun laps in a racecar that I have ever done,” said an excited Gidley. “The Muscle Milk Car was working so well making the “G” loads through braking and cornering really eye opening… it was really amazing how well the car and those Dunlop tires were sticking!”

His fastest lap compares with a 1:22.32 set by Marco Werner in qualifying for the ALMS event in 2004, while Allan McNish previously set a 1:20.60 on the slightly shorter, older course.

Greg Pickett was also present for the test, the first one for the team as it prepares for 2008. Memo Gidley is supported by Pickett’s CytoSport company, which provides dietary supplements to professional and amateur athletes.

Infineon is the kind of track where you really have to drive aggressively and with all the blind corners, trust your instinct,” summed up Gidley. “I have driven everything from Formula Ford to a Toyota Atlantic Car with the occasional vintage car thrown in also. But, I have to say…I really felt like an astronaut blasting into space driving that Muscle Milk car around Infineon Raceway…it was that exciting!”

The AER 3.6 litre twin turbo V8 engine is in the process of the next stage of its development, and it will be available as the P32C for 2008, in which form it will be a full 4 litre engine.
The Cytosport car earlier this year at Road America...
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...and Long Beach.
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