10/11/07 - MOSPORT HISTORIC CAN-AM JUNE 20-22, 2008
The Mosport Historic Can-Am event promises to be the event of the year. After a very long break, fifteen years to be precise, Historic Can-Am will return to Mosport. Brian Blain, one of the participants back then said "when the Historic Can-Am was there many years ago I found the track and the people made this one of my favorite Historic Can-Am weekends. After last year's Formula One Feature at Mosport, Formula One Driver Davina Galica said it was the best event she had ever attended. Writer and notorious ride mooch Burt Levy had this to say about Mosport "It is simultaneously and without reservation, the most exciting, dramatic, rhythmic, and demanding stretch of roadway I've ever encountered. Period. I heartily recommend the Mosport experience to anybody who wishes to consider their North American Race Driver Portfolio even remotely complete."

As I'm sure most of the members of the Historic Can-Am association are aware, Mosport held the third ever Can-Am September 24, 1966. Mark Donohue won that in a Lola T70. It's significance is recognized by the Lola Heritage Group in selecting the Mosport Festival to feature Lola cars as part of the Worldwide celebration of Lola's Fiftieth Anniversary . One of the truly significant Lola's that we have been told will be participating is Johan Woeheide's T70, the car that Dan Gurney drove to victory in the second ever Can-Am at Bridgehampton. We expect a huge turnout of Lolas to help celebrate this momentous occasion. Can-Am Lolas will have the option of parking in the "Can-Am" paddock or the "Lola" paddock.

Among those who have already indicated they will be attending is the previously mentioned John Woerheide; Dave Handy and Jim Simpson, both in McLarens; Tom Stephani in the "Vinergaroon" and Tom Simpson in his McKee, and this almost eight months prior to the event. Judging by the inquiries and the enthusiasm about Mosport it promises to be a huge turnout. I’ve even had reports of at least three driver’s in the market to buy cars just so they can make the event!

The border crossing into Canada is no big deal as long as you are courteous and prepared. Most of the questions you will normally get are more like you would get from any race fan who is curious about your car. Almost half of the 250 entries at last year’s Mosport Festival were from the US and I heard no complaints about border crossings. Some tips are on the VARAC website at: http://www.varac.ca/Festival/fest_travel.html. At this writing passports are not required for land reentry into the US and there is no plan to require them to enter Canada.

Great parties, warm hospitality, and a chance to drive the circuit that hosted more Can-Ams than any other, this is a not to be missed opportunity, see you there.

Johan Woerheide's T70 is seen erlier this year at the Goodwood Festival of Speed with Lola's Glyn Jones at the wheel.
(Picture Simon Hildrew)