Lola have released details of the first ever customer available LMP2 Coupe - the B08/80.

The windtunnel model (above right) is currently testing in Lola's on-site windtunnel and the initial enhanced aero figures indicate that the design will be a huge step in performance from the current open top LMP2.

Lola Cars International Ltd have had significant interest from existing and potential new customers, several of whom have been to the factory to view the test.

The design is centered around an all new Coupe monocoque with revised suspension geometry and the car will have a third spring option at the front to complement the rear system that has run on the open cars very successfully this year.

However the main performance increase will come from the aerodynamics. Earlier this year Lola's technical team invested heavily in a new CFD hardware cluster through a technical partnership with global technical giant - AMD. This, combined with new FLUENT software has made the aero engineers hungry to push the aero design to enhance the lift/drag ratio within the existing downforce envelope.

Julian Sole leads the design team and the car is expected to make its track debut in the new year.

Meanwhile, the LMP1 Coupe (the B08/60) should test in the first week of December. The monocoque is in laminating and all the assembly will begin in the next 10 days. It is likely that a current Lola customer will run the car in initial testing although this depends on when possible deals can be finalised.
The new LMP2 Lola.