GP2 race winner Adam Carroll undertook a rookie evaluation test for Team Ireland as the outfit pondered their driver plans for the new season at Snetterton on Wednesday.

Carroll, who has impressed on his return to GP2 with victories at Silverstone and the Hungaroring, drove the A1GP car at Snetterton over a two day test on Tuesday and Wednesday.

Team Ireland owner Mark Kershaw said that Carroll was just one driver being considered for the 2007/2008 season, which begins in Holland next month.

"This week's rookie evaluation was the beginning of our on-track work for season three," said Kershaw. "We invited Adam Carroll to take part in order to help us examine possibilities in the future.

"One of the great things about A1GP is that teams can evaluate and nominate a squad of drivers.

"We are also talking to former drivers who have performed well for us and other rookies who are interested in racing for Ireland's national team, but it's early days yet.

"The first Silverstone test in a couple of weeks time will be more meaningful when we actually test against other teams, but we won't be rushing into any decisions."

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Adam Carroll bounces the Team Ireland car over the chicane.
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Carroll is rebuilding his career with some excellent performances after a troubled time in the DTM.
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Conditions were not good for Carroll's first run at Snetterton.
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Adam Carroll would be a welcome addition to the A1GP ranks.
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