JB Motorsport team chief Yves Olivier was happy to have secured second and third place on the podium in race one of the latest rounds of the ATS German F3 Cup at Assen over the weekend.

Although Frédéric Vervisch had some problems with setting up his Lola B06/30 Opel-Spiess at the beginning of the weekend, the young Belgian driver impressed during qualifying. On Friday (which happened to be his birthday), he achieved a good initial position for the races on Saturday and Sunday with second and fourth in the qualifying sessions. His team mate Nico Verdonck, lined up fifth for both events.

The first race on Saturday began with trouble for Vervisch. The 21-year old driver’s car snagged the car of Christian Vietoris in the first corner. The German did a 360° pirouette and fell back to 10th position while Vervisch settled in to second place.

With a neat start, Verdonck drove up from fifth to third and together the JB duo went on to pursue the leader but in the end were forced to settle for the lower rungs of the podium.

"I feel sorry for Christian that he spun after the contact at the start. Later I could attack Van Dam, but the ideal line on the track was full of dirt, so it was impossible to pass him", said Vervisch, who seemed to be rightly satisfied with his second place in the first race.

Both JB drivers were not so lucky with their starts in the second race on Sunday. Frédéric lost his fourth place to Matteo Chinosi but, during the next couple of laps, was able to recover his position. He caught up with Christian Vietoris but it was not possible for him to gain a podium place. Nico Verdonck had a very bad start and had to be content with ninth position, although he fought well to achieve a better place, he finished his race without any points.

The next races of the German Formula 3 Cup will also take place in Assen during the course of the American Champ Car World Series on the first and second of September.

Race 1:
1. Carlo van Dam
2. Frédéric Vervisch
3. Nico Verdonck

Race 2:
1. Carlo van Dam
2. Recardo Bruins Choi
3. Christian Vietoris
4. Frédéric Vervisch
9. Nico Verdonck

1. Carlo van Dam 107
2. Frédéric Vervisch 84
3. Nico Verdonck 70
4. Recardo Bruins Choi 64
5. Christian Vietoris 62

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Frédéric Vervisch took second in Race 1 at Assen.
(Picture jbmotorsport.com)
Frédéric Vervisch is seen here leading team mate Nico Verdonck.
(Picture jbmotorsport.com)
Nico Verdonck running at the front of the field.
(Picture jbmotorsport.com)
One of the JB Motorsport cars seen from the rear.
(Picture jbmotorsport.com)
The two JB drivers spray the champagne on the Race 1 victory podium.
(Picture jbmotorsport.com)