The Lola Group, a worldwide leader in design, engineering and manufacturing, has been assisting the Etihad Aldar Spyker Formula One team with its aerodynamic programme, as the Northamptonshire based team prepares to introduce its revised B-spec Formula One car at the Turkish Grand Prix in August.

Spyker F1 have been using the Lola wind tunnel for development work since the Autumn of 2006 and are continuing their programme throughout the summer at the 50% scale facility in Huntingdon. Lola’s F1 standard Wind Tunnel is recognised as the best equipped that is commercially available.

The High Speed (60 m/sec) Rolling Road is mounted on a turntable, this along with a yawing model motion system allows crosswind and yaw tests to be conducted as part of the fully automated test sequence. The accuracy offered by the external overhead balance allows superb levels of repeatability necessary for today’s optimisation process required for car performance development.

Lola are also planning a major upgrade for the Lola Wind Tunnel to incorporate the first automated 3D adaptive wall profile to reduce the influence of model blockage whilst still maintaining the flow quality benefits of an enclosed working section.

Spyker F1 are part of a loyal list of commercial customers that use its comprehensive and confidential facilities for a wide range of motorsport and non motorsport disciplines.


Mike Gascoyne, Chief Technical Officer - Ethihad Spyker F1 Team

“We are in the process of upgrading our own wind tunnel and found ourselves with downtime for the first six months of the year, whilst we continued our cooperation with Aerolab in Italy. We decided to wind test in the Lola facilities last year in order to evaluate their services. We requested some upgrades to bring it up to current F1 standards.”

“In collaboration with Dr John Davis, he and his team worked very hard to bring the facility in line with the current F1 specification requirements.

As a result of the standard of accuracy and repeatability now available in the Lola wind tunnel, we have made significant progress this year. A lot of that aerodynamic progress in conjunction with Lola will be reflected in the ‘B’ Spec Spyker, which will be seen in the Turkish Grand Prix. John Davis has worked very hard with Lola to make the facility operate at a standard we expect and my standards are very high.”

Dr John Davis, Technical Centre Manager - Lola Group

“The Lola tunnel has recently enjoyed a significant enhancement to its CFD software and hardware capabilities through partnerships with AMD and FLUENT. These developments combined with the fully equipped model shop, that forms part of the dedicated facility, allows users of the wind tunnel a confidential ready to go facility. The Lola Wind Tunnel offers a flexible expansion to the growing needs of the Formula One Aerodynamic Development Programmes.”

For more information, please visit www.spykerf1.com
Germany's Adrian Sutil in the Spyker F1 during the Bahrain Grand Prix.
(Spyker F1 | Peter van Egmond)
The Lola windtunnel in action.