Below are details Lola Heritage has received regarding the 30 year reunion of the sports 2000 class that will be held at Road America next year.


Dear Sports 2000 Enthusiast,

We would like to invite you to participate in the “30 Years of S2” celebration to be held at Road America in Elkhart Lake, Wisconsin next year. We anticipate a fantastic turnout of Sports 2000 cars of all ages as well as personalities from Sports 2000’s great past and present. All Sports 2000 cars, ACRL and Olds Pro Series cars are invited to participate. All recognized competition licenses will be honored.

We are planning on having at least two Sports 2000-ONLY race groups. Each race group will get two practice sessions, one qualifying session, a qualifying race and a feature race. We also plan to have a “bonus” race, an additional feature race open to ALL Sports 2000 cars from both race groups entered for the weekend.

This event will be held as part of the traditional Sportscar Vintage Racing Association’s spring race weekend at Road America. Road America hosted one of the first gatherings of Sports 2000 cars and drivers in 1978, when John Cahill, Gary Roubinek, Donald Wands, Mark Daniels and Bob Snider ran their Lola T-492 Sports 2000’s in SCCA’s B Sports Racing class. The class achieved SCCA National status in 1980.

Road America hosted the first Pro Series for Sports 2000 cars, the 1983 “Road America Cup,” promoted by Vicki O’ Connor and Pro-Motion. Fifty-seven cars started one race in that series and we have already had over seventy competitors express interest in attending this event next year. We fully expect over 100 cars on-track!

Please find enclosed a pre-registration form to be returned as soon as possible, indicating your interest in attending the event, reserving a race number (three-digit numbers are permitted) and to receive your complementary event t-shirt and further event mailings.


As of October 2006 we have 120 car's pre-registered!


For more information, please click the links below.

Thanks and hope to see you there!


-Paul Tavilla

-Peter Krause



Registration Form


General Discussion about this event

One of Lola's many Sports 2000 designs, the T596.
(Picture Lola Archive)
Lola has returned to the Sports 2000 clas in 2006 with the debut-winning B07/90.
(Picture Lola Archive)