Turkey is the latest country to be confirmed for the second season of A1 Grand Prix. However, the full line-up will only be announced on September 21st, just days before the season opener in Zandvoort.

Although 20 countries are already confirmed for season two and are taking part in this week's official test at Silverstone, organisers are still finalising the last four or five teams to take part in the World Cup of Motorsport.

New team Turkey are not present at this week's test, however Lados Racing Inc have been announced as the nation's seat holders, and they will be on the gird at Zandvoort.

Nations in the running for the final spots include Greece, Sweden, Nigeria and Singapore. Portugal are the only regular team from last season definitely not returning.

"We will have a minimum of 24 teams," said A1 GP deputy chairman Tony Teixeira. "We have got 27 possibles right now interested but as a series we don't want to go over 25 teams.

"We are negotiating with four teams and it is a question of those that aren't at this Silverstone test to get their act together financially and find drivers.

"I'd imagine by the September 21st we will announce the final 25 teams. That day still gives them 10 days to come in and do some testing at Silverstone and get up to speed in time for Zandvoort."

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Alexandre Premat was running in the plain white car of Team France at Silverstone.
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Team Italy were amongst the teams testing.
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Alan Van Der Merwe was having a run in the Team South Africa car.
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