Lola claimed another clean sweep in the winners circle at the Lausitzring oval race in Germanay over the weekend. JB Motorsport’s pairing of Ho-Pin Tung and Ferdinand Kool took a win apiece as the Lola B06/30 continued its domination of the Recaro F3 series.

In what were Lola’s 10th and 11th wins of the 14 race season so far, Ho-Pin Tung extended his points lead to 20, as title rival and fellow Lola runner Joey Foster was unable to race after a practice accident in his HS Technik Spiess powered Lola. The British racer is now likely to miss the rest of the season as he recuperates from a back injury.

Race one, held on Saturday afternoon saw the JB pair line up in 2nd and 3rd on the starting grid, although they inadvertently gave Cyndie Alleman pole position by allowing the Mercedes engined car a tow in the final minutes of the action packed session.

In a thrilling first race, Ho-Pin Tung headed a train of ten cars to win by just 0.108s. The Dutch/Chinese racer was delighted with his 6th win of the season, saying: “The car was so quick. When I was in front I knew that the rest would not get me.”

While the leader of the championship enjoyed his triumph his team mate, Ferdinand Kool was frustrated when he parked his car after a drive through penalty when he was adjudged to have ignored the white line on the apron of the circuit: "You loose one lap in the pits and you will never get back to the cars in front. I can't express my disappointment,” said Kool.

However, the Dutchman’s mood lightened on Sunday afternoon when he scored his first win of the season to lead home Harald Schlegelmilch’s Dallara, this time by the even more slender margin of just 0.017s!

"A terrific race,” confirmed Kool afterwards. “It should be the prelude to more wins for me."

Ho-Pin Tung should have followed his team mate home in 2nd place but a loss of four positions in the final few laps means that now his only real competitor for the Recaro F3 title is his team mate Ferdinand Kool.

The next round of the series takes place at Assen in Holland on August 13. Before that however, JB Motorsport will be taking part in the International Masters race at Zandvoort next weekend when they will come up against the best racers in both the British and Euro series.


1. Ho-Pin Tung (PRC/NL) JB Motorsport Lola-Spiess 24m59.259s

2. Cyndie Alleman (CH) SMS Seyffarth Dallara Mercedes 24m59.367s
3. Renger Van Der Zande (NL) Seyffarth Dallara Mercedes 24m59.476s
4. Marcel Schular (D) Schular Motorsport Dallara TOMS 24m59.485s
5. Rolf Biland (D) Schuler Motorsport Dallara TOMS 24m59.711s
6. Marko Nevalainen (SF) Woss Racing Dallara Spiess 25m00.239s
7. Martin Konrad (AUT) Woss Racing Dallara Spiess 25m02.097s
8. Norman Knop (D) Team Leipert Dallara Spiess 25m03.744s
9. Riccardo Azzoli (I) Target Racing SLC Spiess 25m07.628s
10. Urs Ruttiman (D) Jo Zeller Dallara Spiess 25m11.505s

Fastest Lap: Leonardo Valois (SVK) 47.394s


1. Ferdinand Kool (NL) JB Motorsport Lola-Spiess 25m42.338s
2. Harald Schlegelmilch (LAT) HS Technik Dallara-Spiess 25m42.355s
3. Cyndie Alleman (CH) SMS Seyffarth Dallara Mercedes 25m42.674s
4. Renger Van Der Zande (NL) Seyffarth Dallara Mercedes 25m42.707s
5. Leonardo Valois (SVK) KFR Team Dallara Spiess 25m42.818s
6. Ronny Wechselsberger (D) Jo Zeller Dallara Spiess 25m42.901s
7. Ho-Pin Tung (PRC/NL) JB Motorsport Lola-Spiess 25m43.087s
8. Nico Hulkenberg (D) JK Motorsport Ligier Spiess 25m43.424s
9. Rolf Biland (D) Schuler Motorsport Dallara TOMS 25m43.534s
10. Riccardo Azzoli (I) Target Racing SLC Spiess 25m43.730s

Fastest Lap: Ronny Wechselsberger (D) 47.296s


1. Ho-Pin Tung (PRC/NL) 96pts
2. Joey Foster (GB) 76pts
3. Ferdinand Kool (NL) 69pts

4. Nicolas Hulkenburg (D) 62pts
5. Harald Schlegelmilch (LAT) 53pts
6. Ricardo Van Der Zande (NL) 50pts
7. Riccardo Azzoli (I) 33pts
8. Cyndie Alleman (CH) 24pts
8. Recardo Bruins (KOR) 23pts
10. Johnny Ceccoto Jnr (VEN) 15pts

For more information, please visit www.jbmotorsport.com and www.joeyfoster.com
Ferdinand Kool won Race 2 for JB Motorsports.
(Picture jbmotorsport.com)
Ho-Pin Tung on the top step of the podium after his win in Race 1.
(Picture jbmotorsport.com)
Ferdinad Kool leads from Ho-Ping Tung in their JB Motorsports Lolas.
(Picture jbmotorsport.com)
Ferdinand Kool leads the rest of the field on the warm-up lap, Ho-Ping Tung is on row 2.
(Picture jbmotorsport.com)
Ferdinand Kool in the pits with his Lola-Speiss.
(Picture jbmotorsport.com)
The JB Motorsports Lolas in the Lausitzring pits.
(Picture jbmotorsport.com)
Ho-Ping Tung leads the rest of the field.
(Picture jbmotorsport.com)