Lola Cars International Ltd this week announce the on-going development of the successful customer LMP2 chassis - the B05/40.

Lola engineers have been busy working on further improvements to the design which took last year's ALMS and LMES titles and currently heads both of the this years title chases.

A dedicated aerodynamic programme is in progress at Lola's state-of-the-art, on-site windtunnel in Huntingdon and is set to add to the already enviable downforce that the B05/40 currently enjoys.

Lola's renowned CFD capability is also being maximised by its aero team, led by ex Jaguar F1 engineer, Phil Tiller.

A mechanical design development programme is also underway with a schedule of runs on Lola's in-house 7-post vehicle dynamic test-rig. Significant weight reduction has already been found, particularly on the new for 2006 bodykit.

Lola's existing HT (high-torque) LMP transmission has shown race-proven performance and reliability in the B05/40. More development on the gearbox is being carried out at Huntingdon. Already, the gearbox has shown its strength at this years Le Mans 24 Hours when RML, Binnie Motorsports and Intersport Raicng completed a unique 1-2-4 in class and RML finished 8th overall, the first time ever that an LMP2 car had finished in the top ten.

Lola Group's Executive Chairman, Martin Birrane, set in motion the successful family of sportscars by introducing the Lola B98/10 in 1998, a year after he acquired the company and invested in its now world beating technical capabilities.

"We have embarked upon a programme that will ensure that this package will continue to dominate races and championships in the second part of this decade," confirmed Birrane.
"We are committed to continued race and championship wins. Our existing and our future customers will continue to enjoy performance and reliability that will ensure that we still keep ahead of the competition."

The speed of motorsport development is relentless - even compared to the ever-increasing pace of the commercial world. The technical ingenuity and rapid response for racing success are made possible by Lola's continuous investment in the latest and best facilities. This commitment ensures the performance and quality of Lola's own products and customer projects.

Last weekend, the Portuguese ASM team scored the chassis' 14th win since its inception at the beginning of the 2005 season, Lola engineers have been busy working on further improvements to the design which took last years ALMS and LMES titles and currently heads both of the this years title chases.

Lola were also the first to make public its plans to build a closed LMP car after the ACO announced plans to re-introduce the design to sportscar racing in 2010. Hand in hand with the updates and development programme on its currently active cars, Lola are also hard at work with the new design, in order to consolidate its undisputed rank as the leaders in customer LMP design.

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The Intersport B05/40.
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