A.J. Allmendinger dominated today's race to gain the first victory of his three-year Champ Car career, leading 101 of the 105 laps in one of the quickest turnarounds in series history. In the span of little more than a week, Allmendinger lost his ride with RuSPORT, got engaged and then signed with Forsythe Championship Racing. He drove the #7 Indeck/Forsythe Ford/Lola on Bridgestone tires to a 5.42-second win over his former RuSPORT teammate, Justin Wilson.

* From A.J. Allmendinger, #7 Indeck/Forsythe Ford/Lola/Bridgestone: "The Forsythe crew gave me the best car I've ever had. The Bridgestone tires were absolutely amazing! The first set of tires is usually the toughest set to drive on because the track's so dirty, but they held up. The last stint, man, the tires were absolutely unbelievable the way they held up."

* From Justin Wilson, #9 CDW/RuSPORT Ford/Lola/Bridgestone: "I was running flat out today. It was 105 laps of qualifying pace out there. The Bridgestone tires gave us a lot of consistent laps; we were pushing 100 percent it all the time, trying to get everything we could. There wasn't a lap that I backed off. The tires were holding out fine, except we flat-spotted that one and it really cost us. That hurt us a little bit, but I had to have a go at that point. We were in lapped traffic and I knew if there was going to be an opportunity, that was it. It wasn't to be. A.J. has had a fantastic weekend and he did a great job."

* Bridgestone Tire Performance Summary: Bridgestone brought new tire compounds to Portland for both its standard and alternate specifications. Each car received six sets of standard Potenzas and two sets of red-sidewall alternates to use during the weekend, but at least one set of each spec had to be run during the race. The alternate tires feature a slightly higher grip compound ("softer") to yield faster lap times - and they proved to be a half-second or more quicker than the black-sidewall standards. Durability proved little issue either, as most drivers were able to put full stints in on the alternates without sacrificing much in lap times.

FP Driver Team LC Time Mph
1 A.J. Allmendinger Forsythe Championship Racing 105 1:48:32.853 113.989
2 J. Wilson RuSPORT 105 1:48:38.273 113.894
3 S. Bourdais Newman/Haas Racing 105 1:48:38.859 113.884
4 B. Junqueira Newman/Haas Racing 105 1:49:09.221 113.356
5 C. da Matta RuSPORT 105 1:49:12.405 113.301
6 D. Clarke CTE Racing - HVM 105 1:49:23.140 113.115
7 P. Tracy Forsythe Championship Racing 105 1:49:25.149 113.081
8 N. Philippe CTE Racing - HVM 105 1:49:25.530 113.074
9 A. Ranger Mi-Jack Conquest Racing 104 1:48:46.015 112.675
10 O. Servia PKV Racing 104 1:48:57.006 112.486
11 A. Tagliani Team Australia 104 1:49:08.445 112.289
12 C. Zwolsman Mi-Jack Conquest Racing 103 1:48:56.269 111.417
13 K. Legge PKV Racing 103 1:49:06.028 111.251
14 M. Dominguez Dale Coyne Racing 103 1:49:20.463 111.006
15 J. Heylen Dale Coyne Racing 103 1:49:31.507 110.820
16 T. Kasemets Rocketsports Racing 102 1:49:18.817 109.956
17 N. Pastorelli Rocketsports Racing 101 1:48:52.053 109.324
18 W. Power Team Australia 92 1:49:10.927 99.295
FP finish position LC laps completed

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A. J. Allmendinger got off to the best possible start with the Forsythe team.
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Justin Wilson was second in the RuSPORT Lola.
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Bruno Junquiera started from pole position.
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Allemendinger takes the lead from the start.
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Dan Clarke finished sixth.
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Sebastien Bourdais was the final podium finisher.
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