The B06/30 Lola Formula Three car swept the board yet again at Lausitring in Germany over the weekend with JB Motorsports Ho-Pin Tung collecting a pair of well judged victories. The Lola’s run of success so far this season has seen five wins from six starts, three pole positions and four fastest laps.

Ho-Pin Tung went to the head of the points table as a result of his wins and he was delighted to have notched up his third victory of the season at the Eurospeedway.

After winning Saturdays race with a faultless performance from pole position, Tung was in second place in Sunday’s event but then inherited the lead when fellow Lola driver Joey Foster was forced to retire through a broken driveshaft. This left Tung to double up on his previous days performance to the delight of his team boss Yves Olivier, who said:

“It can't be better. The result is very good. Nevertheless we will develop the car furthermore to be on the same level like the top teams in Eurorpe at the end of the season. For the next race we will get some new development parts so it looks good.”

Ho Pin Tung’s team mate, Ferdinand Kool, scored more solid points with a 3rd place in race two. Race one wasn’t so kind for the Dutch charger as he was penalised for overtaking under yellow flags and eventually finished 19th in his Spiess powered Lola.

Points leader coming in to the Lausitzring weekend was Joey Foster, and the rapid Cornishman looked set to keep his name at the top of the table after finishing a close 2nd to Tung on Saturday. The former Formula Ford Festival winner set the fastest lap of the race but was unable to find a way passed Tung on the notoriously difficult to overtake circuit near Berlin.

However, for Race 2 the HS Technik driver started from pole position and immediately sprinted in to the lead from where he was never challenged. Leading comfortably, Foster looked set for his third win of the season but endured a slice of terrible luck.

“I had got a nice cushion over Ho-Pin and everything was very controlled and looked to be in the bag,” confirmed Foster. “But with just 5 laps remaining the driveshaft broke and that was it. Obviously it is disappointing but we showed that we were probably consistently the fastest once again this weekend and getting down in the dumps isn’t part of my make-up. The Lola is fast and still has massive development potential in it. The team is also fantastic so there is still a lot to look forward too for Nürburgring in two weeks time.”

Foster has now dropped to 3rd in the points table although he is just 3 points behind new leader Ho-Pin Tung with Kaufmann Racing driver Nico Hulkenburg a point ahead of Foster.

The next race on the Recaro F3 German calendar is at Nürburgring on 27/28 May.



1. Ho-Pin Tung (PRC/NL) JB Motorsport Lola-Spiess 25m05.968s
2. Joey Foster (GB) HS Technik Lola-Spiess 26m06.928s
3. Renger Van Der Zande (NL) Seyffarth Dallara Mercedes 26m10.455s
4. Nicolas Hulkenburg (D) JK Racing Dallara Spiess 26m13.401s
5. Harald Schlegelmilch (LAT) HS Technik Dallara-Spiess 26m13.422s
6. Riccardo Azzoli (I) Target Racing SLC-Spiess 26m13.899s
7. Marcello Thomaz (BRA) Swiss Racing Dallara-Spiess 26m15.215s
8. Cyndie Alleman (CH) SMS Seyffarth Dallara-Mercedes 26m15.355s
9. Johannes Theobald (D) Seyffarth Dallara-Mercedes 26m15.661s
10.Hiroyuki Matsumara (JPN) Swiss Racing Dallara-Spiess 26m16.088s

Fastest Lap: Joey Foster (GB) HS Technik Lola-Spiess 1m18.628s


1. Ho-Pin Tung (PRC/NL) JB Motorsport Lola-Spiess 23m51.715s
2. Nicolas Hulkenburg (D) JK Racing Dallara Spiess 23m53.869s
3. Ferdinand Kool (NL) JB Motorsport Lola-Spiess 24m01.615s
4. Harald Schlegelmilch (LAT) HS Technik Dallara-Spiess 24m05.549s
5. Riccardo Azzoli (I) Target Racing SLC-Spiess 24m06.488s
6. Hiroyuki Matsumara (JPN) Swiss Racing Dallara-Spiess 24m14.031s
7. Cyndie Alleman (CH) SMS Seyffarth Dallara-Mercedes 24m16.892s
8. Salvatore Gatto (I) Target Racing SLC-Spiess 24m17.582s
9. Ronny Wechselberger (D) Prinz Dallara-Spiess 24m17.823s
10. Natacha Gachnang (CH) Bordoli Dallara-Spiess 24m18.181s


1. Ho Pin Tung (PRC/NL) 41pts
2. Nicolas Hulkenburg (D) 39pts
3. Joey Foster (GB) 38pts
4. Ferdinand Kool (NL) 29pts
5. Renger Van Der Zande (NL) 25pts
6. Ricardo Azzoli (I) 21pts
7. Harald Schlegelmilch (LAT) 18pts
8. Recardo Bruins (KOR) 12pts
9. Dominik Schrami (D) 8pts
10. Salvatore Gatto (I) 5pts

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Ho-Ping Tung dominated the Lausitring race weekend with close victories in both races.
(Picture jbmotorsport.com)
Ferdinand Kool took third in the second race for the JB Motorsport team.
(Picture jbmotorsport.com)
Ho-Ping Tung celebrates one of his two wins on the podium.
(Picture jbmotorsport.com)
The JB Motorsport team show off the spoils of a successful weekend.
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Lola have been the dominant force in German F3 so far this season.
(Picture jbmotorsport.com)
Joey Foster took second in the first race but was out of luck in the second.
(Picture joeyfoster.com)