Qualifying Times

1. Weaver/Leitzinger    Dyson Lola B06/10 AER             1m04.459s
2. Dumas/Bernhard         Penske Porsche Spyder             1m04.481s

3. Maassen/Luhr             Penske Porsche Spyder             1m05.245s

4. Capello/McNish           Champion Audi R8                    1m05.382s

5. McMurry/Willman       Autocon Lola B01/60 AER        1m06.629s

6. Fellows/O'Connell        GM Corvette C5                       1m08.035s

7. Beretta/ Gavin            GM Corvette C5                       1m08.090s

8. Halliday/Field            Intersport Lola B05/40 AER     1m08.399s

9. Turner/Enge                Aston Martin     DBR9               1m08.427s

10. Sarrazin/Lamy            Aston Martin DBR9                  1m08.629s

20. Devlin/Van Der Steur   VDS Lola B2K/40                    1m12.984s

- Dyson/Smith                Dyson Lola B06/10 AER          No Time

James Weaver put the No. 16 Dyson Racing Lola B06/10 on the pole for the American Le Mans Series' last night to give the new Lola LMP1 car (B06/10) its first pole position in just its second event in the ALMS.

Weaver's time of 1:04.459 around the 1.69-mile, nine-turn street circuit was his 14th career pole in the Series. He will start from
the pole with teammate Butch Leitzinger for Friday's two-hour, 45-minute race, the first for the American Le Mans Series on a street circuit since 2003. Weaver lapped the AER powered Lola 0.022 seconds ahead of Romain Dumas in the No. 7 Penske Racing Porsche, the fastest of the LMP2 cars.

Dyson Racing debuted its new Lola at Sebring in March, and Weaver said the progress has been amazing. He's confident the results will show come race day, today."We are still getting there but when we do everyone had better watch out because this car will absolutely fly," enthused Weaver. "The potential is enormous and it is a credit to Lola and AER.There was still more time in the car which is very encouraging. I hope we can remain reliable throughout the race but for sure our big rivals here, on pace that is, are the Porsches. The Audi could be
quite stealthy in the race too, so we have a lot of work to do."

Weaver was just under a second faster than the next quickest LMP1 entry, the Audi R8 of Dindo Capello and Allan McNish. The two Sebring winners will start fourth overall after Capello's 1:05.382 lap. Weaver also had some amusing thoughts on the circuit, saying: "Bumps? That's why you've got an engineer in the pits armed with a hammer to fix it, after all. At the end of the day, they're all equipped with a throttle, aren't they? And you can alter your line. If someone can set up the car to hold it (the speed) a bit longer (over the bumps) they'll have won fair and square, won't they? What I'm really worried about is the long turn (around the Astrodome). It's blind, and 135, 145 miles per hour, isn't it? If some Wally stops on the apex, you could do yourself - and him - serious injury."

Dyson Racing's second entry of Chris Dyson and Guy Smith failed to set a time in the qualifying session after power steering problems in the earlier practice session.

Intersport Racing line up 3rd in the LMP2 class with Liz Halliday setting a time of 1m08.399 in the LolaB05/40. Liz Halliday was finding the demanding street circuit tough but was determind to find more race pace in her Lola. "Clint started the session for Intersport, but only put in five laps before Liz Halliday did the rest of the session. "There's a huge bump on the curve around the Astrodome - I swear the car jumped a lane over - we're going to softer springs. Katherine Legge (Champcar rookie) told me that Long Beach is pretty smooth compared to here. The new restrictor is probably contributing to the power oversteer we're getting, right now we don't have the grip. I think I'll be qualifying today; that will be something new,"

Autocon had a trouble free qualifying period with their ex Dyson Lola B01/60 machine. Chris McMurry set the time which was good enough for 5th place on the grid, a time that the team were more than happy with.  "We expected to be in the top 6 but to be just 1.3 seconds away from Dindo and Allan is a terrific effort by the team," said McMurry's partner Bryan Willman.

Van Der Steur's Lola B2K/40 lines up in 20th position for this evenings race. They will be hoping to squeeze on to the podium in what is the 150th race start for the B2K/40 design since its inception in 2000. In that time the 'baby prototype' has won 39 races:

B2K/40 Class Wins
Road Atlanta      Oberto/Hampton                 Archangel

Lime Rock           Oberto/Hampton                 Archangel

Mid Ohio             Oberto/Hampton                 Archangel

Le Mans              Graham/Maxwell/Wilkins    Mutimatic

Daytona              Oberto/Hampton                 Archangel

Road America     Snow/Schumacher              S&S

Trios Rivieres     Oberto/Hampton                Archangel

Laguna Seca       Snow/Jeanette                    S&S

Kyalami               Dickens/Ekblom                 SRTS

Daytona              Lally/Henderson/Macey/Seldon   Archangel

Phoenix               Julien/St Jacques                          Porsche Haus

Monza                  Oberto/Bjork                                 SRTS

Lime Rock            Katz/Durand                                 Archangel

Mid Ohio              Lalley/Macey                                Archangel

Brno                     Oberto/Bjork                                 SRTS

Road America      Devlin/Oberto/Sterenberg          Archangel

Trois Riveires      Veilleux/Domoulin                       Porsche Haus

Watkins Glen        Devlin/Sterenberg                       Archangel

Mondello Park      Faulkner/Oberto/Bjork                SRTS

Nürburgring          Oberto/Bjork                                SRTS

Daytona                Kelleners/Lazzaro                        Rand

Daytona   Lazzaro/Kelleners/Rand/Borcheller      Rand

Fontana   Borcheller/Kelleners                  Rand

Phoneix    Franchitti/Jonsson                   Rand

Sears Point  Devlin/McEntee                     Archangel

Watkins Glen   Borcheller/Lazzaro/Kelleners    Rand

Daytona   Lazzaro/Nadeau                        Rand

Watkins Glen   Borcheller/Lazzaro                   Rand

Virginia  Borcheller/Lazzaro                    Rand

Daytona   Borcheller/Lazzaro                    Rand

Daytona  Bentley/Kitch/Prukowski/Prukowski      Essex

Sebring  James/Macaluso/Borkowski       Miracle

Le Mans   Field/Sutherland/Binnie        Intersport

Mid Ohio  Field/Liddell                 Intersport

Lime Rock   Field/Liddell               Intersport

Sears Point  Field/Liddell              Intersport

Portland   Field/Liddell                        Intersport

Mosport  Field/Liddell                  Intersport

Road Atlanta  Field/Field/Liddell       Intersport

The Dyson Lola will start ahead of the two Penske-Porches.
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As ever the Interscope car was well on the pace.
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The second Dyson (No 20) car was struck with steering problems.
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Liz Halliday checks her helmet prior to qualifying.
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The Houston track is very wide in places as Weaver in the Dyson car shows.
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