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The Lola History pages are divided into a number of sections, below you can read details of the
where to find the information you are looking for.
A section for your contributions and for all those interesting things that just won't fit anywhere else.
From John Surtees to Mario Andretti and Nigel Mansell, some of the greatest names in motorsport have raced Lolas, Read more here.
Type Numbers
What is a T55, a T380 or maybe a B05/40? The answer is here with a full list of all the Lola type numbers.
Chassis register
In their first 17 years Lola built 1000 cars, there have been a lot more since. Look here to see where some of these wonderful cars are now.
Lola Story
From the first Lola in 1958 to Grand Prix and Indy 500 winners the stories, good times, and sometimes bad times, are told here.
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