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The T672 was a modified version of the previous year's T670 the only certain change is to the rear suspension where the cast mounting for the lower rear links has been replaced with a fabricated unit with differing pick up points and the radius rods and lower links have been changed, presumably because of the change to the mounting unit. Otherwise the front and rear suspensions seem identical barring any possible changes to the chassis pick up points.

Given the relative lack of success of the T670 it is hardly surprising that only two cars were built and there is no record of their destination other than to Heidi Mader as Lola's European agent. In 1980 to 1982 they both made an appearance in French F3 and the Swiss Hillclimb Championship where in 1980 Pierre-Alain Lombardi drove a car once at Paul Ricard in a F3 championship round and in 1981 two cars were driven by Pierre-Yves Meinen who was entered by Ecurie La Meute and the self-entered Roland Dupasquier. Not surprisingly they didn't fare too well against the hordes of Martinis and they disappeared half way through the season. The driver Jean-Pierre Lebet is sometimes shown as driving a T672 but it is also frequently shown as a T670 and given all three drivers appeared at some events and since there were only two T672s a T670 seems the correct type. In 1982 a Jean-Pierre Trachsel may have raced a T672 in the French F3 Championship.

Year(s) of Construction: 1979

Total Built: 2

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