Lola Heritage


LOLA T492 HU62

Graham Loakes tells us the fascinating history of his T492 that has raced in several different guises over the years.

"Lola Sports 2000 T492 HU62 was bought new by a J Sadler & Sons who made teapots! The driver was Peter Sadler. It changed hands frequently and in 1985 was used by Alan Humberstone to rebuild T490 HU6 which he crashed badly in '85 wearing a Thunder saloon Skoda body.

It was rebuilt using HU62, a new Karman Ghia body in kevlar, and had the HU6's Hart engine and FT 200 box, and all other salvageable parts. A year later and an RS200 Group B turbocharged engine was installed and raced maybe twice before being sold to Brian Davis and then to Mike Ingles.

It reached Mike with a shattered body and a Cosworth 500 engine and FT box plus modified brakes but still with all the Thunder Saloon parts in place. Mike bought a new Lola T492 body for it and then promptly lost interest! (second attached pic) In 2008 I bought the rolling tub/body off Mike, and after some thought fitted a Porsche air cooled 3200cc engine and box.

The car is now entering its 4th year of hillclimbing.

While doing this conversion I decided to trace all the history of the car. This has taken nearly 4 years, all the owners found are:

1979: Peter Sadler; Bernie Garwood; Paul Wilkins; Dennis Humphries; Alan Humberstone; Brian Davis; Mike Ingles and finally myself in 2008 to present."