Lola Heritage


LOLA T492 HU84

Former owner of HU84 Stephan Pehl says that "HU84 was originally delivered to USA agent Carl Haas and then to its first owner David Ferrell, Sears Point, California in 1978 who raced it at Sears Point, Riverside and Laguna Seca until it was stored from 1984 to 1996. In January '96 it was bought by Bruce Trenery, Emeryville and in February 1996 it was imported into Europe."

In 2007 the car was purchased by Paolo Borghi who lives in Italy who has rebuilt it and tells us of its first outing in 2008:

"After a one year restoration my car is (nearly) finished, and the first time out was at Castell’Arquato Silver Flag. It was really exciting to stay beside the T92 and chat with Glyn Jones and Ed McDonough: I can't imagine a better way to enter the Lola world.

Last week we tested the car in Franciacorta circuit for a proper shake down, and it went quite well. The engine needs some carbs tuning, the gear ratios must be lowered and the front springs are probably a little too soft, but I found the drive surprisingly easy and am really satisfied.

Now I'm trying to obtain an FIA HTP, and hope to be able to race the car before winter."