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LOLA T212 HU26

T340 HU10 is now in the hands of Dan Mullin who tells us something of the history of the car and his current racing activities.

"I thought I would share some information with you about my is a T-340 Formula Ford, Chassis number HU-10.

The car was built on August 31, 1973, then shipped to Carl Haas here in the States. It still has the original gearbox..H9-172.

About 3 years ago, I was at Seattle International Raceway and had the pleasure of meeting the man who actually assembled this car when he worked for Carl Haas. His name is Ove Olsson and is still very active in racing to this day.

I have the log books dating back to 1986.
Previous owners include: Barry Young, Tim Bishop, Dan Clark, Darren Needles, Mike Herlihy and Jack Richardson (all from the West Coast). I purchased the car from Jack Richardson in March of 1993.

It is my understanding that this was one of the first 340's (Flexi-flyers) to have some additional bars installed in the driver-roll cage area. Needless to say, it stiffened the chassis considerably.

In the years I have owned and raced the car, I have had considerable luck both racing Vintage SCCA, Regional SCCA Club Ford and National SCCA...I even had enough points to qualify for the SCCA Run-offs a few years ago and on Avon treaded tires!

And, yes I have had my share of shunts...tearing off the left rear corner twice (by my own doing), but each time I was able to bring the car back to Concours D'Elegance condition. The T-340 is a rock solid car and still quite fast."