Lola Heritage


LOLA Mk1 BR-11 and BR11/33

The former owner of both BR11 and BR11/33 Mike Fraser tells us:

"BR 11 was owned in 1965 by Hugh Balfour who rolled the car at Oulton Park doing considerable damage to the front half of the chassis. I purchased the wreck and discovered that the chassis was so badly damaged that it was not worth repairing. At the same time I had discovered that Lola had a part panelled chassis (BR 33) in stock that they wished to dispose of following their move to Slough.

I also owned BR 27B at the time and I set out to build the 'ultimate' Mark 1 taking the best parts from BR 11 and BR27B. Hence BR33 was born in 1966 as probably the lightest, strongest and best Mark 1 ever built. BR 27B was built up again after its previous rebuild from the wreck from Dennis Kingham's crash and sold (it is currently with John Monson). 

Meanwhile Bob Bell crashed the prototype and severely damaged the rear. I cut off the rear of BR11 and this was grafted onto the rear of the prototype. The rest of the BR11 chassis went to the Croydon Municipal dump! Looking back now it was a sad end but at the time it was an expedient as I did not have the space for it."

The chassis does now carry a chassis plate marked BR11/33.